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Keep sensitive info out of your email & chat logs

During work, We share passwords or some other sensitive piece of information with a friend or coworker. The problem is When you do it over chat or email, that data just got really insecure and easy to find, if some one got access of  your account, they can get that plain text data from history.

There are multiple option available to avoid this kind of mistakes, I use Self-Destructing Messages app called onetimesecret which I found really good🙂

How Do You Share Sensitive Data Without Leaving a footprints?


PHPUnit Testing

How to find the reason for a risky test in PHPUnit ?

Recently I started phpUnit testing, and I found some of the test are flagging as risky. Most of the time I able figure bout reason but some time it very time consuming and also there isn’t any messages from PHPUnit.

PHPUnit 4.4.5 by Sebastian Bergmann.

Configuration read from phpunit.xml.dist


Time: 14,17 seconds, Memory: 52,50Mb

OK, but incomplete, skipped, or risky tests!
Tests: 24, Assertions: 52, Risky: 4.

Finally I found a soultion and it is very simple( How I can forgot about -v flag !! )

 phpunit -v|--verbose              Output more verbose information.

Stay tuned, more testing related post probably writing🙂