Fix Logitech MX Master Scroll Wheel Issue


OpenSSH 7.3 on CentOs 6.7

A simple script to upgrade OpneSSH on CentOs 6.7.

To use you can run following command with root user

bash <( curl -s ) 
PHPUnit Testing

How to find the reason for a risky test in PHPUnit ?

Recently I started phpUnit testing, and I found some of the test are flagging as risky. Most of the time I able figure bout reason but some time it very time consuming and also there isn’t any messages from PHPUnit.

PHPUnit 4.4.5 by Sebastian Bergmann.

Configuration read from phpunit.xml.dist


Time: 14,17 seconds, Memory: 52,50Mb

OK, but incomplete, skipped, or risky tests!
Tests: 24, Assertions: 52, Risky: 4.

Finally I found a soultion and it is very simple( How I can forgot about -v flag !! )

 phpunit -v|--verbose              Output more verbose information.

Stay tuned, more testing related post probably writing 🙂

Repairing a Corrupted Mac OSX ExFAT Partition

I had some issues with corrupted exFAT partition that Disk Utility said it couldn’t repair.

Then I finally found a solution.

Run following command in terminal

sudo fsck_exfat -d disk2s2

Where disk2s2 is ExFAT partition.

Then it will ask you

Main boot region needs to be updated. Yes/No?

Reply Yes.

Now, You can then run repair in the OSX Disk Utility and the partition should be restored.

Isn’t it Easy fix ?

But Why ExFAT and NTFS support is so bad on Mac OSX?

Automatic update of Child Theme to Parent Theme

After automatic update of child theme to parent theme, During update we just update code of theme, but what about WordPress, WordPress still assuming current theme as child theme.

When you activate child theme, there are mainly two site options template and stylesheet who store parent theme and child theme slug. After updating you have to update that site option also (There are others relative options also).

Add following code into your theme function.php

if ( is_child_theme() && 'current-theme-slug' != get_template() ) {
    switch_theme( get_stylesheet() );

[Fixed] MacBook Pro built-in webcam not working ?

So many times its happens with my mac that Skype, Chrome other applications are not able to access built in webcam. After googling i came up with following solution.

Usually it’s not a macbook problem. It’s software problem.

open a terminal and type

sudo killall VDCAssistant

This will trigger a restart of the camera’s software. Fixes the problem 99%. Skype and other software that uses the camera might also need reopening.