I am a passionate technical evangelist, motivated through learning and applying innovative and interesting software development tools, techniques and methodologies. I love to apply my knowledge to make every task possible in the most efficient manner.

With almost 7+ years of experience in the Software & Web Industry, dealing with customers, products and various start-ups, I am a sharp learner with expertise in planning, managing and executing projects coupled with an ability to think creatively, finding solutions that are reliable, scalable and perfect in nature, and wear the multiple hats of responsibility whenever required.

I love to apply new knowledge every day, finding innovative ways and with a great degree of freedom. Playing with the latest technologies, learning every day and participating in the research and innovations of the software industry is something I enjoy being surrounded with.

My skills including server-side scripting like PHP, Java,node.js, Ruby with/without using frameworks, client-side scripting using HTML,CSS, Javascript, client-side MVC framework like backbone and angular, API driven development, master in SQL query, Familiar with LAMP and MEAN development environment, Source code versioning using git and svn and also have good knowledge of server setup and configuration (nginx , apache).

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